How To Keep Your Relationship Hot, "Fetish", "Fantasy", "Role Play", Oh My!

How To Keep Your Relationship Hot: Language Of Love

Today we are going to talk about talking. That's right! Now don't get too excited just yet, I don't mean dirty talk (that will be next up). I mean good ole' communication skills. 

  8c1d0c8136f96c3f8ce60fccd964f4dbEffective communication skills are a must-have, if you want your relationship to last any longer than your mans wiener, that is.

 I know, I know it's hard to accept the possibility that we're not always right about everything. When it comes to arguments each partner will inevitably think that they, themselves are right and the other, being you, is wrong. 

 Guess what, if that's how you're going to think, than you're both wrong!! In order for any relationship to work both parties must put aside their biased ways and learn to communicate calmly. Remember to think before you speak! Ask yourself, "Is what I'm about to say going to impact my relationship negatively in the long run?" Chances are the stupid little thing that's got you so pissed you could just slap a mofo out right now, WON'T MATTER TOMORROW anyways!

 So hold back your lethal tongue and instead of lashing, speak calmly and allow your partner equal stage time to put forth their grievances. In the long run you'll be happy that you did, especially when your Tongues-snakes_5908_990x742 cuddle up next to your lover later that night, instead of crying in the rain with your suitcase like some crazy biatch who just couldn't shut up for two seconds while their partner spoke!


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