How To Keep Your Relationship Hot ~Round 2~

Relationship 101

Okay, so we've all been there! That day when you wake up and say, "I think my relationship has lost it's spark!" Possibly you can relate to the heart wrenching feeling of knowing that your partner is no longer excited by your very presence. You may feel helpless to this, believing that "you've just been together too long". Well I say BS to that! Chances are if you or your partner have stayed, even though things have grown stale, that the love is not gone and can be re-ignited easily.

    Don't forget that the two of you were once so attracted to each other that you couldn't keep your hands to yourselves. You were like two teenagers left at home alone for the first time. You felt little butterflies in your tummies when you touched and you missed each other the moment that you were apart. Well these feelings have simply gone to sleep because truth is after weeks, months, or even years together the two of you have become one another's routine rather than lover. You have become "just another part of their day". 

   Now... imagine your lover comes home from work to find you, not watching the same TV show you watch every Friday night, but instead wearing nothing but a pair of crotch less, lace panties and pasties made out of whip cream (they don't have to know you're secretly recording your show on the PVR.)

   Alright, maybe you're not the "whip-cream pasty" kind of girl (or boy), but there are lots of slightly more subtle ways to make your partner drool like a dog. Let's see what we can do, shall we?


  1. Re-do Your Good Old Up-Do: Our hair dramatically shapes our appearance. Even slight changes to color, or style can make someone look totally different. Since most men out there crave excitement, and tire of the "same old" easily, a great way to get his attention is by changing your hair style. If you're nervous about what you might look like with different hair there are tons of cool apps out there which allow you see how you look with a short blonde bob, or long straight and black locks. 

~ Great Apps To Check Your Makeover Look Before Hand ~

          Now if you are too attached to your signature style, consider changing the color instead. There is no need to start sobbing, you can use a non-permanent hair dye which will wash out after a month or so, and will leave your hair the same color it was before dying it. The change, even if it's only for a month, will really bring back the lust factor in your partner. They can feel almost "naughty" like they're with someone new, only bonus for them it's you the woman they love (except your a new fiery vixen). 


~ Check out how these Hollywood hotties change with their hairstyles. ~

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2.  Switch Up Your Make-Up:  It's easy to fall into a routine of the same make-up day in and day out. Let's be real here, applying make-up is time consuming and can be difficult to master. Once you've found your "happy place", or in other words "the easiest possible" look, it's hard to stray. Mornings are chaotic and there never seems to be enough time to get ready for work, or to make the kids breakfast before sending them off to school.  Well suck-it-up ladies! No one is saying you need to go all Cybill Sheperd, switching it up 10 times on the daily!

    Instead, after work wipe off the days grime and apply a subtle, clean look before making dinner, or light some apple-cinnamon scented candles and apply lipstick to match! Remember dinner time is when the two of you are sitting, usually across from one another, staring at each other, talking to each other, looking into each others eyes. Your partner will get a much needed ego boost knowing that you have gone out of your way to look good just for them. Ego is everything! Stroke this (please don't forget to stroke other things as well) and you will have yourself a lover for life!

~ Simple is beautiful! ~

  IMG_1207 Make-up-3

Check back tomorrow for more great ways to spice up your relationship! I might even throw in some "naughty" tricks too.


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