Relationship 101
Keep Your Relationship Hot, In The Bedroom That Is!

How To Keep Your Relationship Hot ~Round 2~

Here we are again, finding ourselves sitting in front of our computers seeking out a way to rekindle the spark that our relationships have somehow lost. Well then, let's jump right into the juicy stuff because your relationship isn't getting any hotter while you're glued to your computer monitor!

 Jumping back into our list of ways to "Keep Your Relationship Hot", starting in at number three.

3.  Show That Love You Have & Show It Proud!  That's right ladies (gentlemen too!) grab your lover and plant a nice kiss on em'! Hold their hand for no good reason, run your fingers through their hair, look deep into their eyes, just plain show them that you care! 


     It's a proven fact that physical affection has a ton of benefits, besides the obvious. Physical affection releases the "feel-good" hormones in our bodies, it also lowers blood pressure, helps to relieve stress and best of all, it is associated with overall higher relationship satisfaction.


4. Sex, Sex And More Sex: That's right! You would think this one would be a no brain'er, but apparently not... Sex is about more than sex, it's about intimacy, it's about feeling wanted and desired. If you are failing to give your partner the feeling of being wanted than they will have no choice but to seek out someone else who is happy to "want" them all night long.

5-Ways-Meditation-Can-Help-You-Have-Mind-Blowing-Sex Unfortunately our lives are busy and sometimes leave us feeling too tired, or just "not in the mood", but put those feelings aside and delve passionately into frequent sexual relations with your partner. Guaranteed once you start, you'll be happy that you did! In turn your partner will feel wanted, which will make them want you all the more! 


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