How To Keep Your Relationship Hot, In The Bedroom That Is! ~Round 2~
How To Keep Your Relationship Hot, With A Sensual Massage

How To Keep Your Relationship Hot, "Mans Mentality"

Get ready ladies! Today is the first of a monthly series of advise straight from the minds of men! That's right, a sneak peek into the strange world of the male brain.  Maze-in-my-mind1


Every month I will be interviewing three men, asking them the burning questions that ever woman wonders at one point or another. Finally we can get an idea of  what they've really got going on in those handsome heads of theirs.






The lucky boys of January & February, who are going to give us a front row seat at the "Mans Mentality" show are, Nicholas 22, Dexter 34, & Michael 46. 


~What quality do you find most attractive in a woman?

Dexter: "Definitely a good sense of humor!" 

Nicholas: "I  love when a woman is self-confident! She's hot and she know it"s it."

Michael: "Sense of humor is a big one for me!"

 ~What about physically? What is the first thing that you notice about a woman?

Michael: "Eyes! I love a woman with beautiful eyes!"

Nicholas: "I'll be honest, boobs! Sorry, it's true."

Dexter:" A nice smile!"

 Okay, how about turn off's. What's something about a woman that's really a turn off for you?

Nicholas: "I really hate it when you're with a girl and she's flirty with every guy around! Major turn off!"

Dexter: "A girls got to be a "good girl" in some ways! If I'm with a girl and she shows too much attention to other dudes, forget it!"

Michael: "I like a classy lady, someone who doesn't show off too much skin to other people! What's under her cloths should be all mine!'


There you have it ladies! The first glimpse into the "Mans Mentality". Be sure to check back February 29th for a more in-depth look into the minds of our three males.


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