Keep Your Relationship Hot, In The Bedroom That Is!
How To Keep Your Relationship Hot, "Mans Mentality"

How To Keep Your Relationship Hot, In The Bedroom That Is! ~Round 2~

Welcome back to another day here in the land of, "How To Keep Your Relationship Hot". First off, I would like to carry on with where we left off yesterday, "learning how to keep it hot, in the bedroom!" By now you've studied yesterdays post through & through, and have become a master at the art of good ole' oral delight, haven't you? Now it's time to learn another lusty trick that will amaze his every desire.  


Nipple. Wait, did you say nipple? That's right ladies, boys have nipples too! Let me tell you they are a widely overlooked part of male sexuality. Did you know that men's nipples have just as many nerves(pleasure receptors) as ours do? I thought not! Now that you have this top secret information, it's time to put it to good use!   150b_mens_health


  First off since your mans poor nipples have probably been neglected for so long you want to start off gentle. Once you've broke em' in a bit you will be able to tell how much pressure gets him going by his bodies reaction(even by the little sounds he probably making by now). You have nothing to loose by going for your mans "N-Zone", so go ahead and get frisky with your boys nipples! Remember licking & tongue flicking are your two best friends when it comes to nipple play! Small circles, mixed with sensual flicks to the peaks and your man will be way past the "point of no return" before you know it.


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