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How To Keep Your Relationship Hot: Language Of Love

How To Keep Your Relationship Hot, "Fetish", "Fantasy", "Role Play", Oh My!

Here we go again! Another day on "How To Keep Your Relationship Hot". Tell me, has your partner been loving all the new sexual healing you've been giving? I'll bet they have! 

 Today I thought we could get a little crazy and tap into our childish sides with some good ole' sexual games! That's right! "fetish", " role play"," fantasy", you name it and we've got it! 

 First off, we have "role play", which is super easy (just in case you were born in the stone ages and didn't already know this!). Cd27b8a4f9199a3e52ffeee6355c764dSimply find out what your partners secret wet dream worthy role is. A nurse perhaps, maybe a teacher, or how about a cop? You get the idea, right? Now you can either simply pretend, using only your body and lovely voice to act the part. Even better though, you could head on down to your local costume shop or Wal-Mart (whatever floats your boat), and pick up an ever so lovely outfit to match your super sexy, ultra ego to be!

 Now "fetish" (depending on your partners kink level) varies greatly from relationship to relationship. Fetish could be something as wonderful as allowing your partner to kiss your feet, or suckle on your boobies! Pizap.com14177222435531 Beware though, that "fetish" could also mean whips, chains, the whole-nine-yards! Basically, give it some good hard thought(no pun intended) before venturing into the "fetish" conversation with your partner, because whatever you may learn can never be un-learned. 

  Last, but certainly not least, "fantasy!" "Fantasy" is a fun one! "Fantasy" can be anything that either partner can "fantasize" in their lust sick minds! You could be his "prisoner of love" or you two could be the only two people left behind on a tropical island. So get those imaginations burning and watch how fast your lover can become your sex puppet (I mean that quite literally, by the way).




Check out the article below for some naughty little games you two love birds could play. Don't have too much fun, or the two of you will have to spank one another!


-blessed holy socks

God blessa youse
- Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL
when they had morality and bawls

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